My name is Mags and this site is about crafts and everything I enjoy making.

The web pages contain information. I will be adding a few tutorials to the web pages at some point. The Blog pages will be ramblings and meanderings about, well, just about anything. The Shop to be populated with interesting crafted items!

Stone Tumbling

Stone tumbling information is surprisingly hard to find information about. Perhaps its because anybody who does it as a hobby only (like myself) is unsure of the right way to do things. I don’t know if my way of polishing stones is the right way – but if you click on the page about stone polishing, perhaps my notes may be able to help you if you decide to tumble your own stones!


Beading is something I love to do to. The blog category contains just a few pictures of necklaces and bracelets I have made. These items are not available in the shop at this time, but could be made to order.

Painting on Rocks

This will catch on once people realise just how easy it is to brighten up a dull and dark space in the garden or a corner on the window sill.   Especially in those winter months!


Crochet / Wool Work

Whether its knitting, crochet or using a loom to knit.  One of my favourite things to do is to sit and crochet, whether its cute animals (amigurumi) or create Christmas decorations. There is always something interesting to make.

Sewing / Quilting

So much to do and so little time.  I enjoy dressmaking as well as making quilts and smaller items such as household items, purses, bags to be given as gifts, etc.  There are no limits to what we can do with a trusty sewing machine (or two) and an overlocker.  Then again, there is also the tranquility of of hand sewing.  Brilliant for taking small projects outside and enjoying the weather.

Below I have included some images to show what kind of crafts i have previously created, similar to those which may be available in the shop.

Let’s see some images!