2004: Coastal Walks

2003/4 Coastal Walks

Lowestoft Harbour Entrance - 2004

Lowestoft Harbour entrance – July 2004

This site contains photographs and video footage of walks we have taken.  I borrowed my brother’s digital camera for these pictures and clips … so thank you Gazzy! Note added March 2011: The quality of the video clips is very poor when compared to the video clips you can even take with a phone these days!

It is (or was) possible (tides permitting) for you to walk all along the coastline from Lowestoft to Southwold. I’ve never done this walk in one day (too much like hard work) – but perhaps you might like to try and walk some of the routes.

All the photographs and images on this site are subject to copyright and images may not be used elsewhere without specific permission (which I would probably give anyway!) ….

Please enjoy your walk around Suffolk with us.

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