Claremont Pier

From the South Pier to the Claremont Pier

In my opinion, one the the sad things about the majority of the public areas in Lowestoft is the Council’s seeming apparent lack of interest in these areas or maintenance/upkeep of them.

[youtube id=”vXoE8dnvdis”]

In the next video clip you can see a grassy area. At one time the far end of this area used to be a boating lake which was quite popular with locals and tourists alike. It was, unfortunately, pulled down to make the grassy area larger. Again at the end of the clip you can see yet another of the expensive parking areas in Lowestoft.

The picture below was taken at the area in between the South Pier and the Claremont Pier. A lot of money was spent some years ago to create the paving as you can see … sadly though, as this picture shows, repairs are slap-hazard and currently consist of tarmac thrown in where stones have been broken or no longer exist.

Tides Reach (2004)

At the area locally known as Tides Reach (pic above) you can buy your drinks, food and almost everything you need for a great day at the beach.

Claremont Pier


At the Claremont Pier you can also find a restaurant, an amusement arcade, purchase snacks. There is also a pub and the nightclub too. Unfortunately you can no longer walk along the Claremont Pier as its not safe. I think the owner of the pier has been doing a great job to keep it operational – its a really important area in Lowestoft for many reasons.

I noticed that this year, for some reason, people have been fishing at the side of the Claremont Pier. So if you have children or are walking along that area yourself – be careful – fishermen often leave hooks and things on the beach ……

However …. let’s continue to walk along the promenade until we reach Pakefield.

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