Once you arrive at Kessingland beach, continue for about a km along the shoreline until you get to the sluice. We usually just drive to Kessingland beach then the walk is much easier.

You will then arrive at the start of the Benacre Nature Reserve. Its a lovely walk once you get there. Please remember to keep your dogs on a leash during the nesting season. I saw several dogs loose ….

The pictures above were taken from the river near the sluice (July 2004). Plenty of rabbits!

This is a lovely spot. Not many people make the walk to this little spot of peace. The sea remains on the left hand side of the very rough (man-made) path which appears to be crumbling. On the right hand side is a small fresh water area – we have seen quite a variety of birds here.

Here are some evening pictures I took:

Past the sluice at Kessingland

6 Sept 2004 – (above) Walking on top of what appears to be this man-made dyke


Looking towards Benacre Broad Looking towards Benacre Broad

Once the path vanishes totally, you can (tide dependant) continue walking along the beach (as shown in the photo above) and you will reach Benacre Broads. See the tree in the far horizon? That is where the Benacre Broads are.

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