This first page starts in Lowestoft near the (in)famous bridge. The video starts off showing a pizza place – this building now contains many small shops but at one time, the whole front of this building which looks towards the station, used to be a huge department store called Tuttles.

As the video clip moves left, the station comes into view. The original windows and doors of the building have been blocked up – at least the station still operates as a station though! As the image continues left (towards the bridge) Commercial Road comes into view.

[youtube id=”pd1GBMqYLG4″]

If you walk over the bridge, on your left is the beach and various buildings. This area is generally called the South Pier.


South Pier

On the left from where this video is taken, is the yacht club.  As the picture pans around you can see the South Pier building which has an amusement arcade, bowling, bingo and pub.  Continuing around you can see one of the many expensive parking areas Lowestoft can boast of, then the picture stops at the Pavilion building which contains the Tourist Information and a coffee shop.  (Updated added March 2011 – the carpark shown in the video no longer exists – its now a hugely popular water feature!)

[youtube id=”JQ-eyYf6cow”]


If you continue walking past the yacht club (the white building at the start of the next clip) you come to the harbour area, which, as can be seen, can be quite busy in the summer time with yachts.  We were also fortunate enough to be able to capture a seagull with a huge eel.  The eel was obviously too large for the gull –  but the gull was not going to give up its meal!

[youtube id=”XLkvXLTQYe8″]


The next video clip below shows a panoramic surround whilst standing on the pier.  The clip starts off facing towards Waveney Road, comes around and you can see a small building, on top of which is a webcam.  This webcam updates every 10 minutes or so!  You can see the fog horn at the end of the pier.  Coming round still further you can see the rocks which were place in order to protect the South Pier area which used to be a very popular area for people with children ….  This area no longer boasts of having a Punch and Judy show these days either.  The camera continues to pan and you can see the Claremont Pier in the distance with Pakefield and Kessingland beyond that.

[youtube id=”QfgvfMY-Znw”]

However, enough of the South Pier … onwards to the Claremont Pier.

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