Claremont Pier to Pakefield

This section of the beach is the best in Lowestoft. Many years ago it was sandy with no stones or shingle whatsoever. But times change and stones can be found here now. The closer you get to Pakefield, the more stones there are.

[youtube id=”8hQw6_nEMvc”]

The clip above starts of showing the Claremont Pier then pans around towards Pakefield and in the far distance, you can see Kessingland. Look out for what looks to be a white sign on the beach – at one time that sign was 6′ high! But the sand level has steadily grown higher …. that is why the groynes can hardly be seen too. At one time (many years ago) I used to sunbath against them … but they are now feet under the sand. What is remarkable is the amount of people on the beach, especially as this clip was been taken in mid June at around 4 pm.

For information: earlier this year (2004), some of the sand has been taken from this area and been placed at the South Pier beach area. The whole beach area from the South Pier to the Jolly Sailors is supposed to be a blue flag area – meaning (among other things) its a dog free zone in the summer period .. with all dogs being prohibited from being on the sand and being on a lead whilst walking along the promenade …

Walking along the top promenade from the Claremont Pier heading towards Pakefield brings you to Kensington Gardens.


Kensington Gardens, Pakefield

Once upon a time Kensington Gardens was a really lovely place to visit. There were lovely hidden away retreats to give you peace for reading or just relaxing. Unfortunately, much like most of the once fine structures of the promenade, these gardens are in a major state of disrepair – again, even the basic maintenance seems lacking in many areas, although its obvious the gardener still tries hard!

Kensington Gardens


Continuing walking along the seafront, there has been a path built taking you past the Cefas buildings towards Pakefield itself.

The following picture has been taken from Pakefield beach and looks towards Kessingland.

On Pakefield Beach looking toward Kessingland

3 Responses to Pakefield

  1. David says:

    Agreed – a lovely walk – especially early in the morning whatever the weather. Magical when the sea is calm and the sun is low and there isn’t a cloud in the sky! Sadly this year (2012) there haven’t been too many of those days.

    I come by bus from Halesworth and walk from Morrisons or The Tramway along the beach in to town. Always raises my spirits.

    Nice talking to the fishermen – they are a friendly crowd.

  2. mags says:

    I agree that it really is a lovely walk .. the Pakefield guys are really a great bunch and are always willing to help out when somebody has questions to ask about how to lower a boat into the sea etc .. I also like walking along the beach when its stormy and the waves crash loudly into the sand.

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