Southwold is one of the most well known towns in Suffolk. It is a place I prefer to avoid during the summer due to the vast amount of visitors it receives. However, towards the end of the summer, this (to me) becomes a lovely place to visit.

On arrival at the car park, the rear of the many brightly coloured beach huts can clearly be seen. The first picture was taken from the car park and the second shows just how close these beach huts are to the sea.

Rear of beach huts

7 Sept 04 – Rear of Beach Huts

Front of Beach Huts

7 Sept 04 – Front of Beach Huts

The next photograph (below) was taken from the beach wall to the left of these beach huts (heading back towards Lowestoft). After 200 yards you have to go down on the beach. Continuing along the shore would take you to Covehithe. When we walked along the shore the tide was in. I was not prepared to walk too far.

Its at this point that one anxious home owner has taken matters into his own hands and is trying to stop the tides from encroaching on his property by having tonnes of shingle delivered to the shore. I will attempt to find the news story about this and post a link.

7 Sept 04 – Looking towards Lowestoft

However, if you decide not to walk along the shore but instead decide to follow a footpath (on the Coastal Route) to the left of the signs marked ‘private’ – you will follow a rough footpath and will eventually come out in Reydon. We followed this path and there were a lot of blackberries ready for the picking.   The route we walked was pretty though as we were covered by trees which gives an ethereal quality.

As we walked back to Southwold we took this final picture which shows (from left to right)
Southwold Pier, the Lighthouse and on the far right in the distance, the church.

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