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Good evening
I have no idea what I have been doing recently, but it feels as though I have been busy doing nothing, but fortunately, I am managing to finish some crochet works too.

I decided to combine this website with my UK Arts n Crafts one – all URLs now point to this website until I can decide exactly what I want to do with the UK Arts n Crafts site.  I would like to use it to provide information and help to other artists and crafters but am unsure what I will do exactly. Links and info to local craft fairs?  Links to local art and craft websites or shops?  Where to source materials? 

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas or thoughts you might like to share, let me know – I am open to ideas.

I have started using Google+ and I love it.  There are so many interesting people who post on a whole variety of topics.  I have quite a few people in an Art n Craft circle I created.  Not all posts are about crafts, they range from  writing blogs to sharing cookery recipes, posting pics of pets and sharing interesting thoughts and views.  Seems to be a place which generates ideas.  Always good.

Autumn Handbag

Handbag in autumn colours

As the title of this post title suggests, it appears I have not done much, but here are pictures of some things I did finish.  A handbag in granny squares, in lush autumn colours and lined with a gorgeous heavy green silken material (complete with zip and inner pockets). 

I also made headrests for my car using the same autumn colours – what I didn’t take a photo of is the matching ladybird that sits on the dashboard!

Car headrests

Brightening up my car headrests





Meanwhile, WIP now includes a penguin (intended to be a Christmas present) – no point in leaving it til the last minute!

I also want to look into getting some tags that I can sew into or onto finished items – that would finish off a lot of projects nicely.


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