Busy Weekends

Yet again, it seems as if the weekend has been busy, busy, busy and it has been — sort of, but in a really good way.  On Saturday I went to Bungay.  Never having been to Bungay before I discovered 2 separate shops that I will return to again and again.

One shop (so sorry I don’t know the name or address of this shop) is just an Aladdin’s cave of everything.  Affordable fabrics of all kinds, equipment, bits and bobs that you would not believe.  I will be returning to this shop soon as I saw some really fantastic beach hut fabric that I would love to make new bathroom curtains with …. watch this space!

Another shop I found was Sew and So’s.  Fabulous if you love fabrics.  So much choice and colour in fabrics and loads of books and so much inspiration with quilted goods and examples all around the place.  Love it.

Sew and So's

Sew And So’s of Bungay


The picture above shows the brown paper bag that my purchases were placed in … I even love the paper bag!  I purchased some freezer paper as I’ve read so much about this.  I spent all Sunday night tracing out patterns from a book I recently purchased.  From what I gather, you trace and cut out the pattern onto the paper.  You iron on (without steam) the shiney side to the fabric then use that to cut around. No pins required and you can re-use the freezer paper several times.  Sounds great heh?  I will let you know how it all works for me.

I cannot wait until I start to create a Tilda doll or animal (from the Amazon book listed below), but saying that, I might just have to return to Bungay and purchase a pattern of the cutest elephant you ever did see.  I also purchased a bias binding maker, the wrong size I think as its 2″ finished size, not the width of the fabric.  Never mind, I am sure I will use it at some point.  I also want to attend some of the workshops that Sew and So’s organise.

Something else I have taught myself recently, is how to make these fabulous Shamballa type braceets.  I’ve always loved beads, and the Chinese cord is just so lovely to work with too.  I am teaching other people how to make these too.

Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa Bracelets


As I said, it seems so busy, but its a good busy.  All craft related stuff this weekend.

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