Crochet Christmas Tree

Yay .. Christmas is on its way.  Believe it or not (and I still don’t believe it), but I am starting to crochet for Christmas – I kid you not. Crocheted Christmas trees which are really fun and easy to do!

What better way to start making things for Christmas than to start making simple crocheted Christmas trees.  I followed a link with a really easy pattern for a Christmas tree, decided I wanted to make Christmas tree bunting in various green shades and just started crocheting!

I am not really happy with the colours shown in this photograph – as the background is actually white (cardboard paper) but you get the basic idea!

Christmas Trees – ideal crochet bunting!

I’ve made 8 of these cuties for now – but I will have loads of fun actually decorating these trees – now where did I put that glitter?

Pattern and tutorial found here


Edit:  Note added 14th Sept 2012

I totally love making these trees … so addictive and easy to do.  I bought some gold and some silver colour threads.  I made some trees with yarn and thread – so these trees will not need as much decorating – there are so many possibilities!  I will be creating bunting trees – about 10 trees in a mix of colours!  


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