Crochet Flower Bag

My first crochet flower bag:

Crochet Flower Bag - Colour

Crochet Flower Bag – Colour


Finally, another blog entry – It has been over a month since I last posted an entry and its mostly down to the project I’m writing about today, the crochet flower bag.  This is a handbag you will not see anyone else around with unless of course, you have come across Meladora. 

Quite some time ago I asked Meladora if she would share her pattern for this amazing crochet flower bag.  She has only just recently published the pattern (so please purchase the pdf pattern to support the designer), which can be found on her website

This is the medium sized handbag which means it has 48 large flowers (8×6) – then the gaps were filled in with smaller flowers – all linked to other petals.  All in all, it takes quite some work.

Click on the images to see a larger version of the picture. 



I was rather concerned about the handles stretching, so, with the same material as the lining, I reinforced the handles.  I decided to make the handbag lining with a lush, quite thick fabric and made pleats so it would fit nicely in the opening of the bag – however, because the flowers are so open, you could see the stitching on the outside of the lining so quite simply I covered this up by making another bag lining to cover the original one, so now no seams can be seen.  I would do much of this slightly differently for another bag – it was a steep learning curve and despite all that, I am extremely happy with the results of this crochet flower bag.  Because of the double lining, the bag even sounds lush when it moved (or is that just me being precious about a finished project I enjoyed doing?)

I am not too sure about the colours that show up on this computer, all I can say is that the bag really has lovely colours and the wool I purchased for the bag handles really ties the various colours together nicely with the flowers.

I will be making a phone cover to match this bag – so watch this space.

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