More crochet finished – great results!

Crochet Pink Blanket

Finished - crochet baby blanket in Pink

Have a look at this baby blanket I have just finished crocheting – it really is yummy!  Made with white, palest pink and warm deep pink acrylic wool. I liked doing this and there are so many different colour wool combinations to play with too.  Lovely!  This took about 3 days to complete.



Ladybirds + hedgehog

Crochet Amigurumi


The picture on the right shows a few other amigurumi items I have completed within the last few days.  These little animals are really such fun to make – if you know how to crochet, they are well worth looking into doing – so rewarding when they finally come together.



Miss Kitty in red

Miss Kitty is missing her whiskers - shall I add them?


I did wonder whether to add in Miss Kitty’s whiskers – but decided she looked cute enough without them (for now).



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