Crochet Boobs

Not much of a post this time really – just a picture taken of some crochet boobs I made.  Its breastfeeding awareness week next week and these little beauties will be part of the presentation given by the breastfeeding awareness team here in Lowestoft.  Boobs come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  So do my crochet boobs!

Go girls!



Boobs, boobs and even more boobs


I used a variety of patterns and methods – but the pattern that really worked for me came from the blog page Remembering Rowan.  This lady is a great crochet designer too …. she creates awesome designs.  Check her out on Ravelry too –> Laurinda Reddig


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2 Responses to Crochet Boobs

  1. Laurinda says:

    Hey there! Can you post the ones using my pattern on Rav as projects? 🙂 I put it up as a free PDF on Rav now, if you want to print it out for anyone else. 🙂

    • mags says:

      Hello Laurinda,

      I will of course post the pic on Rav .. but added the links to your Rav account and your blog – huge credit where credit is due and I really did try out several patterns for boobs, and your pattern really was the best!

      I will be posting more pics when I get them from the breastfeeding display/

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