Dontcha just love amigurumi?

Fantastic, Fabulous and above all, Fun.

Ever heard of amigurumi? Nor had I until a week or so ago when I received the above book – and how I wish I had discovered this years ago – they are really fabulous little creatures. I love the pink elephant – and you know, everyone wants pink elephants at some stage!

Amigurumi originates from Japan. Ami means knit or crochet and gurumi means “stuffed toy” – put them together and we get “Amigurumi”.

As a result of this book, I have started creating these little creatures and I totally love the results. Although these are not really meant to be toys as such, the ones I have made are stuffed with a washable toy filling and the eyes I have used are either safety eyes or have been sewn into place.

I love the results as shown below – these lovely little animals seem to have a character all of their own which just seems to come together when sewing up the last little bit.


Amiguru animals

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