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I made a poppy for myself to wear, as I continually keep losing the ones I buy.  So I decided to make a poppy for myself – I had not realised these would be so popular and be liked by so many people.  They really are easy to make, all you need is some red wool, some green wool, a button and a brooch back.


Crochet Poppies

Pattern (roughly):

Crochet hook 4mm

Create a magic circle (the neatest way of creating a circle) – leave a longish end (to sew in the button and brooch back)
Chain 3, then 8x dc (double crochet) – join with a slip stitch

Petal 1
Chain 3, 1x dc in same stitch, then 2x dc in each of next 3 stitches (8 total), then 1x chain.  Turn.
2x single crochet in each stitch (16 sc) – Fasten off

Petal 2 (and 3)
2x dc in the last place where you made 2x dc (that stitch would have 4x dc in total now)
then 2x dc in each of next 3 stitches (8 total), then 1x chain.  Turn.
2x single crochet in each stitch (16 sc) – Fasten off

Each petal:  Take the wool at the end of each petal and use it pull the leaf into a slight curve and fasten it to the top of the first round of dc stitches (you should see all 3 petals curving now).

Make a leaf using green wool, just start with say 10 ch, and go around those stitches using
sc – hdc – dc – dc +1ch = tr = dc + 1ch – dc – hdc – sc (in an amounts you like, none of my leaves are exactly the same as each other).  Then sew this leaf at the back of your petals using one of the ends that remain.

Tidy up the remaining loose ends, except for the one in the centre (your starting point) then use that to sew in your centre button and brooch.

Voila – you have created your own poppy!



Cute Animals

These little things are so colourful.  The penguin, who is really cute in real life, is spoken for and will be a Christmas present – I’m not sure who is going to receive the little lion-like creature yet.

Amigurumi animals

Cute amigurumi animals


Halloween 2011

Well, Halloween has been and gone and hopefully a good time was had by all.

I made some amigurumi for Halloween, they are not particularly scary, but were fun to make Two types of pumpkin, a (not very) scary ghost and a one eyed monster (in typical Halloween colours).  

Halloween amigurumi

Crocheted amigurumi for Halloween

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