First Baby Quilt

A quilt.  Complete.  I have finished (well, almost finished) my first baby quilt.  This was quite some piece of work and its down to having had a taster session in quilting last year at Patches in Lowestoft. 

This to me, proves that quilting can be quite expensive as all the animal fat quarters that I purchased mainly from Sew Simple in Norwich were quite expensive but its a shop I can spend hours in as it really does cover just about every single craft you can think of!  On the other hand, passing a fabric shop in Gorleston (sorry, cannot remember the name so cannot link at this time), I decided to pop in and see what fabrics they had available.  Wonderful stuff and extremely affordable!  I had already purchased a little girly type of fabric that I would use for this project, but fell in love the Winny the Pooh fabric which cost only £2 a metre!

To be honest, the quilt I made was taken from this pattern.  Well, it might have taken Leona only a day, but it took me several weeks to make.  Thank you Leona for providing the inspiration for this project.

As usual, just click the pic for a larger image!

Baby quilt

This shows the full baby quilt.

First Quilt

Close up of quilt

First Quilt

Quilt hanging from line

Quilt back

Amazingly good value fabric and such fun


Onwards and forwards with the sewing ideas – I have such a wishlist of projects I would like to complete.  I would like to make some things for my kitchen (pan holders) to match the colour of my kitchen walls … I would like to make a few Tilde items.  So much to look forward to.


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