Happy Things – Workshop

Happy Things – Purse Workshop

Nobody knows everything and there is always something else to learn, a new technique to master and new people to meet.  I ticked all 3 boxes yesterday (well, I’m not sure about the master thing) but really, I went to a workshop yesterday and made the most fabulous, lush clutch bag you can imagine – the photos below really do not do it justice.


However, I would like to find out what this fabric is – do you know?  If so, please email me and let me know as I would really love to make more clutch bags in this fabric (complete with a single turquoise sequin which I just had to add).

So please either leave a message below or email me at magsiesss at gmail dot com if you know what the fabric is and, more importantly, let me know where I can get some (or similar).


Clutch bag

My first clutch bag

The workshop I went to was held at Patch Fabrics    Don’t be fooled by the name, Patch Fabrics has way more than fabrics, it has yarn and loads of other things too (in addition to great workshops and bi-weekly groups). ps … the lunch provided was excellent – thank you Claire.

The workshop itself was given by Alexandra.   I will be looking forward to attending her other workshops she will be giving next year too!  I enjoyed using the free motion quilting foot on this fabric and used a turquoise coloured thread.  I love this technique.



If you have ever thought about going to a craft workshop – then go!  They are great fun and you will meet different people who already have something in common with you, they want to learn whatever is being taught at the workshop.  Many people go with a friend, but many also go alone and by the end of the session, you will have learnt something new and will probably have exchanged information with others attending the workshop.  For example, the ladies who own Panda Pop and Bear also attended the clutch bag tutorial and are very talented indeed.

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