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Finished Gift Boxes

Cash was short for Christmas (as usual). So, after looking at the price of decorative boxes in the shops, decided to make my own.

I purchased really cheap holographic card boxes from a local shop (69p for 3 various sizes and saw them elsewhere for 99p) – A bargain! From these I could make 2 nice size boxes and have some cardboard left over for other projects!

Here we go … and if you run into problems with this, please do contact me!

Box 1 - Instructions


First of all decide the size of your box. The base is shown in the lighter colour (A). The darker colour (B) and needs to be double the height your sides are to be.

If you want your box to be 2cm tall, then measure out 4cm – this needs to be the same for all sides.





Stage 2: Draw in all the lines as shown –>



Cut out the edges as shown in the diagram below where it shows as ** Out.


Stage 3:

Cut along the 4x small red lines only to the point shown. All the other dark lines are lines
indicate a fold is required.

Personally I found it simpler to fold the lines along the base of the box first,
then the middle folds. I then put the box together using glue.


Making the lid was somewhat easier:

Just ensure that the base part of the lid is slightly larger than the base of the box. The same type of diagram was created – I ensured that the lid overlap was approximately 3/4 the height of the box. I used pinking shears just to give a decorative edging.

Oh .. and here comes the Blue Peter bit, I used double-sided sticky tape to keep the sides of lid in place (well, not really, I used double sided carpet tape as that was all I had!)


I also created compartments within the box, simply cutting out and folding (also using the pinking shears).

Be imaginative, if you only have white card available you can draw out the diagram for
the box (so you know where the folds and cuts are to be) then you can decorate it in the way you want.

Have fun … and do let me know if you try this …. I just created this design by messing about with paper, but it worked for me.


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