Rock Painting

flowers painted on rocks

Rock Painting.  Have you ever tried Painting on Rocks?  You should, its great fun and there are no rules, so may people enjoy this past time and with good reason!

You may have read my page articles about stone tumbling /polishing  – well, I suppose it was because of that interest that I picked up a book in a local bookshop about painting flowers on rocks by Lin Wellford.

This lady has a lot to answer for! As soon as I saw the book I just had to buy it!

The flowers in the pictures shown on these pages give you some indication of what painting on rocks is about.

I have painted many other stones, and the great thing is you can use any colours you want to. Unfortunately the photo above did not turn out too well as the sun must of been shining at the time (and of course I had used the wrong varnish), but you get the basic idea.

Painted basket

These painted stones can be used indoors and outdoors – colour in your garden all year round.

The trouble is, you never stop looking for new ideas and start to use your ideas on variations of themes.

One example in Lyn’s book is a flower basket painted onto a rock:  I painted the above  flower basket on to an old paving slab that was being kept in a garage for no particular reason.

It was painted several years ago and the colours remained fresh and vibrant for many, many years – even after being outside in all that wind, snow and rain!

I love messing around with different types of paint and painting itself
– anyone can do it and its fun too.

It doesn’t end there!

Ladybirds painted onto stones

Not only do I become interested in painting on rocks, Dave happened to see some pictures on the Internet of ladybirds (well, they were called ladybugs by their artist) and suddenly became artistic himself!

He picked up a stone and started to paint. The results of his first artistic endeavours (above) are pretty good (I think so anyway). We love the eyes we added – although don’t really know just how weather-proof they will be!

Painted houses on stones

I know that the author of the book painting flowers on rocks also
has other books available and no sooner did the idea pop into my head … off I went looking for stones that would stand up on their own – to be painted as cottages.

These cottages are not based on any real cottage … but perhaps the next ones may be!

Tulip painted onto stone

I will leave you with one of my favourite painted stones (for now) – tulips. These actually do look so much better in real life as they again look more shinier because I had used the wrong type of varnish.

The moral of all these pictures is: Have a go!

You can collect suitable stones and materials from almost anywhere – how many people have old paving stones in their garage, or have purchased too many stones for decoration? Loads!

Even my brother has a lot of stones he wants me to collect because they just don’t fit in with his garden scheme now. Garden centres may have unusual items that you can paint too.

I had not picked up pen and paints for years – these are my first attempts and I am sure my painting will improve as the more painting I do, techniques long ago learned and long forgotten, somehow are starting to return.


9 Responses to Rock Painting

  1. Friedel says:

    Hi over there,
    I’m a german, living in Hungary – and since unthinkable times I collect stones by the ocean and wherever I am. I carved them or painted – mostly as sweet little gifts. Last year I toke my acrylics with me in vacation and painted rocks – just for fun. Other guests and the owners of the holiday-appartements saw them and fall in love for. So I spent the stones. They couldn’t believe I gave it for nothing. So I said: “first I had fun with painting – now I hope you have fun with, too.” – You can see them on Pinterest in my board ‘That rock’s’! Nice to meet You Friedel

    • mags says:

      Friedel, could you please come back and post the links to your Pinterest pages. I would love to see them too.

  2. Linda Knoch foster says:

    You are both such wonderful people! Thanks for sharing! I have some wonderful rocks just waiting to be painted. How kind of you Friedel to give them as gifts!

  3. Susan says:

    I was wondering what kind of varnish did you use? I would like to put my 1st painted rock out in the garden.

    • mags says:

      Hi Susan,

      For the first batch of stones I used a gloss spray varnish. Using the gloss is fine, but photographs don’t come out so well on photos taken. I then purchased some matt spray varnish which also works well. If you go to any major shop such as Homebase, they should have a variety of varnishes available – you don’t need a special expensive hobby type of varnish.

      If you take a photo I would love to see your stones ….

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  5. Jan-Marie says:

    I read about a gal who painted rocks and left them in fun places, like parks for other people to find them and be blessed.

    • mags says:

      Hi Jan-Marie,

      I have seen that other people do this too – not only with rocks but with small gifts they have made themselves. I think its a great idea and will probably leave some gifts in December (time permitting). Here in the UK there is a Facebook group called Art Abanonment UK … which gives some pretty nice ideas for cards you can leave with your gift too … So I do know about leaving rocks/gifts. Are you interested in this too? And thank you for commenting 🙂

  6. José van Houte says:

    what a good ideas i’ve got here.
    many thanks and I am going to use them too!!

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