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Holiday 2013

Yep, just had our annual holiday and a very lovely holiday it was too!  We went to Scotland to a little place called St Fillans.  We crammed so much in on that first week, it was nice to come home and catch my breath.

Loch Earn

At the head of Loch Earn in St Fillans

Red Sqirrel

Red Squirrel

We arrived at the cottage on Saturday and spent our days travelling:

Sunday – Oban
Monday – Stirling (Castle)
Tuesday – Pitlochry
Wednesday – Edinburgh (Fringe Festival)
Thursday – Inverary
Friday – Perth

The picture of Loch Earn (above) was taken on our first evening walk in St Fillans and this was taken just a few hundred yards from the cottage we stayed in.  The photo of the red squirrel was also taken from in the garden.  Lovely to see a red squirrel don’t you think?

We went to the NEC in Birmingham on Sunday to visit the Festival of Quilts.  I purchased quite a bit of fabric (that I don’t really need) and several tubes of beads (which I am already working with).

I had my first full crafting day yesterday – my fingers had been itching to do something, so I came up with this tea cozy.  In retrospect I would have made in somewhat taller and given it an extra inch around – but it looks really pretty (I spent quite a bit of time working out how to do the bunting on it!)

Tea Cozy

Tea Cozy

Fabric Bracelets

Fabric Bracelets


The bracelets above have been based on a tutorial found here.  They are really a joy to make and I can imagine making these for so many occasions – Halloween, Christmas, etc.  Don’t tell any of my sisters about this one, I can see me making a few of them for prezzies …

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