Dunwich, Suffolk

Today (10th June 2012) was the day we went to Dunwich again. This time though, I thought I would blog about the afternoon as we really had an exceptionally nice time.

Dunwich in its time was half the size of London – a real town of note and importance.  Only a few buildings left now really, about 100 villagers.  This tiny place is well worth a visit if you are in the area and despite its size, there is a lot to see and some really nice walk/cycle routes in the area.

After arriving in Dunwich, we parked near the renowned fish n chip shop (too expensive for us though at £8.75 a portion of fish and chips). However, the sun was shining and it was a lovely day (despite the forecast saying it was going to rain all day) – so we walked back up towards the houses on the main road.

Craft Fair

There are only a few buildings on the road which (I assume) is just about all the houses of the village. We saw the signs for a craft fair. Obviously, I love a craft fair and could not wait to have a look and see what was on offer.

On entering the small building (behind and next to the museum) I noticed a lot of quilted items.  Hanging on the wall was a lovely, and I really do mean lovely, quilted blanket.  There were cushions, pillows, pin cushions as well as a whole plethora of items, the lady who had made the quilts was currently knitting.  I then also noticed crocheted items.  I could have purchased so many things from her table …

There was an artist, with some very nice pieces of watercolour paintings to sell and some really nice treen.  I just loved those wooden candlesticks, ideal for gifts!  On another table was yet more quilted items, a teddybear quilt hung on the wall – for only £25 !!  It was gorgeous!  There was also a table with bags, bags and more bags – if only I had brought my purse!

Don’t worry, there are other dates you can attend, I can remember a few dates:

7th, 21st and 28th July 2012 … and some days in August.

Treat yourself and visit!


Dunwich Museum

Unmissable.  This museum asks only for a donation (£1) to walk around and find out more about the sunken Dunwich.  We were fortunate enough to talk to a lady who was extremely knowledgeable out Dunwich and its history – a shame the Time Team did not ask her for information before they started digging their trenches last year!

This little museum is a gem – worth a visit.

Oh, after seeing the advert below ….

Who could resist?

Apply within for smuggler position

Do I get the job me harty? (pirate speak)

I applied, but didn’t get the job!  I guess I will have to participate in Pirate’s Day at work first.



After having visited the museum, we decided to walk up the hill for a bit and go exploring.  We came across Greyfriars Priory … this was a really nice walk  and following the walking route path, we came out on the cliffs at Dunwich then arrived back at the car park.


Greyfriars Entrance Gate

Greyfriars Entrance Gate


Greyfriars Ruins at Dunwich

Greyfriars Ruins at Dunwich


Greyfriars, Dunwich

Greyfriars, Dunwich


Greyfriars Ruins at Dunwich

Greyfriars Ruins at Dunwich

All in all, a really great afternoon out!

Wikipedia –> Dunwich


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