My new mannequin

My new mannequin – just who would have expected me to be totally over the moon about the dummy I have just received.  I purchased this beauty a couple of days ago, I even spent the whole morning deliberating as to which dummy/bust I wanted then settled on this one.  I then spent the afternoon deciding which wigs I would purchase for her – I will edit this post and show the pictures when I receive them!

I made this crochet hat based on the barrowmean rings – but I will take pictures tomorrow (better lighting). 

This bust will really be handy for showing hats I will be making and selling – not only that, but I can use the same bust for all my handcrafted necklaces, neck warmers and scarfs.  I wish I had bought one of these years ago!


Mannequin dummy

Mannequin head
My gorgeous dummy!


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