More crochet – loving the ladybirds

Here are a few more goodies I have finished making.  Dave has one of these red ladybirds on the dash of his car – they are very popular!

I think I will make some angry birds to put on my dashboard 🙂

I loved creating the amigurumi purple/pink owl and think that Miss Kitty is just too cute – I am considering crocheting her a little pink dress.  I think this afternoon I will create quite a few ladybirds in all different kinds of colours. So much to do and always something else to try out.  If you have never tried to crochet, you should!  There are so many different things to create and the colours of the wools available are really great – but be warned, it could lead to an addiction of collecting wool and buttons.

Who says crochet is boring?

Who says crochet is boring?





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