Lowestoft – Ness Point

Good evening.

Some of you might have watched a programme that is now being shown on TV as I type – Top Gear.  In which case you might remember that Jeremy Clarkson drove to the most easterly point in the UK, Ness Point in Lowestoft which he reached just as the sun was rising.

Jeremy’s car somehow was able to drive onto the circle shown in these pics – in reality, THAT is not possible ….

You might recognise the pictures shown in this entry as being taken from Lowestoft’s (and Britain’s most easterly point) – click on the pictures to see a bigger photo!

Ness Point Circle

Lowestoft's Claim to Fame

….. then you can play spot the difference in the next post I make!

These pictures were taken minutes before it became dark …..

Ness Point Centre

Britain's most easterly point - Lowestoft


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