On the hook

Its Saturday morning and somewhat overcast.  Perfect weather to be watching TV and doing some crochet.  But what should I do first? 

On the hook I have

  • a doll (of some sort – no real pattern) and I want to make it “child safe” – so that it would a good for a child of any age
  • a handbag created by making granny squares in lush autumn colours (I have to sew the lining on that and have had to borrow a sewing machine from a generous sister)
  • another blanket/throw (I should really start joining that up now)
  • 2 amigurumi type pumpkins in a yummy BRIGHT orange colour.  I have to put faces on them (nothing like being prepared for Halloween)

So many things on the go and still so many new patterns I would love to try out. 


The other day at work I mentioned “yarn bombing” to a few of my colleagues – they liked the idea of that.  Perhaps next year for yarn bombing day ……


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