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Crochet Christmas Tree

Yay .. Christmas is on its way.  Believe it or not (and I still don’t believe it), but I am starting to crochet for Christmas – I kid you not. Crocheted Christmas trees which are really fun and easy to do!

What better way to start making things for Christmas than to start making simple crocheted Christmas trees.  I followed a link with a really easy pattern for a Christmas tree, decided I wanted to make Christmas tree bunting in various green shades and just started crocheting!

I am not really happy with the colours shown in this photograph – as the background is actually white (cardboard paper) but you get the basic idea!

Christmas Trees – ideal crochet bunting!

I’ve made 8 of these cuties for now – but I will have loads of fun actually decorating these trees – now where did I put that glitter?

Pattern and tutorial found here


Edit:  Note added 14th Sept 2012

I totally love making these trees … so addictive and easy to do.  I bought some gold and some silver colour threads.  I made some trees with yarn and thread – so these trees will not need as much decorating – there are so many possibilities!  I will be creating bunting trees – about 10 trees in a mix of colours!  


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Crochet Flower Bag

My first crochet flower bag:

Crochet Flower Bag - Colour

Crochet Flower Bag – Colour


Finally, another blog entry – It has been over a month since I last posted an entry and its mostly down to the project I’m writing about today, the crochet flower bag.  This is a handbag you will not see anyone else around with unless of course, you have come across Meladora. 

Quite some time ago I asked Meladora if she would share her pattern for this amazing crochet flower bag.  She has only just recently published the pattern (so please purchase the pdf pattern to support the designer), which can be found on her website

This is the medium sized handbag which means it has 48 large flowers (8×6) – then the gaps were filled in with smaller flowers – all linked to other petals.  All in all, it takes quite some work.

Click on the images to see a larger version of the picture. 



I was rather concerned about the handles stretching, so, with the same material as the lining, I reinforced the handles.  I decided to make the handbag lining with a lush, quite thick fabric and made pleats so it would fit nicely in the opening of the bag – however, because the flowers are so open, you could see the stitching on the outside of the lining so quite simply I covered this up by making another bag lining to cover the original one, so now no seams can be seen.  I would do much of this slightly differently for another bag – it was a steep learning curve and despite all that, I am extremely happy with the results of this crochet flower bag.  Because of the double lining, the bag even sounds lush when it moved (or is that just me being precious about a finished project I enjoyed doing?)

I am not too sure about the colours that show up on this computer, all I can say is that the bag really has lovely colours and the wool I purchased for the bag handles really ties the various colours together nicely with the flowers.

I will be making a phone cover to match this bag – so watch this space.

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Felt Owl

Its sad when a colleague leaves – worse even when two colleagues leave, so, in addition to contributing towards the card and joint gift, I wanted to give both ladies a hand crafted gift too so I made a phone cover and a felt owl key chain.

Rita was given a crochet phone protector and Jane was given an owl, a felted stuffed owl.  Those who know me, appreciate that I really dislike hand sewing but I had found a pattern on a really fab blog so I just went right ahead and made this, despite the hand sewing!

Not bad for a first attempt heh?


felt owl

Felt Owl for Jane


If you want to make a felt owl for yourself, you will find the pattern on this blog

Its great to try out something different, something outside of your own comfort zone – I really like this owl and I will be making more of these cute creatures!

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Crochet Boobs

Not much of a post this time really – just a picture taken of some crochet boobs I made.  Its breastfeeding awareness week next week and these little beauties will be part of the presentation given by the breastfeeding awareness team here in Lowestoft.  Boobs come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  So do my crochet boobs!

Go girls!



Boobs, boobs and even more boobs


I used a variety of patterns and methods – but the pattern that really worked for me came from the blog page Remembering Rowan.  This lady is a great crochet designer too …. she creates awesome designs.  Check her out on Ravelry too –> Laurinda Reddig


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Dunwich – A great day out

Today (10th June 2012) was the day we went to Dunwich again. This time though, I thought I would blog about the afternoon as we really had an exceptionally nice time.

Dunwich in its time was half the size of London – a real town of note and importance. Only a few buildings left now really, about 100 villagers. This tiny place is well worth a visit if you are in the area and despite its size, there is a lot to see and some really nice walk/cycle routes in the area.

After arriving in Dunwich, we parked near the renowned fish n chip shop (too expensive for us though at £8.75 a portion of fish and chips). However, the sun was shining and it was a lovely day (despite the forecast saying it was going to rain all day) – so we walked back up towards the houses on the main road.

Craft Fair

There are only a few buildings on the road which (I assume) is just about all the houses of the village. We saw the signs for a craft fair. Obviously, I love a craft fair and could not wait to have a look and see what was on offer.

On entering the small building (behind and next to the museum) I noticed a lot of quilted items. Hanging on the wall was a lovely, and I really do mean lovely, quilted blanket. There were cushions, pillows, pin cushions as well as a whole plethora of items, the lady who had made the quilts was currently knitting. I then also noticed crocheted items. I could have purchased so many things from her table …

There was an artist, with some very nice pieces of watercolour paintings to sell and some really nice treen. I just loved those wooden candlesticks, ideal for gifts! On another table was yet more quilted items, a teddybear quilt hung on the wall – for only £25 !! It was gorgeous! There was also a table with bags, bags and more bags – if only I had brought my purse!

Don’t worry, there are other dates you can attend, I can remember a few dates:

7th, 21st and 28th July 2012 … and some days in August.

Treat yourself and visit!


Dunwich Museum

Unmissable. This museum asks only for a donation (£1) to walk around and find out more about the sunken Dunwich. We were fortunate enough to talk to a lady who was extremely knowledgeable out Dunwich and its history – a shame the Time Team did not ask her for information before they started digging their trenches last year!

This little museum is a gem – worth a visit.

Oh, after seeing the advert below ….

Who could resist?

Apply within for smuggler position

Do I get the job me harty? (pirate speak)

I applied, but didn’t get the job! I guess I will have to participate in Pirate’s Day at work first.



After having visited the museum, we decided to walk up the hill for a bit and go exploring. We came across Greyfriars Priory … this was a really nice walk and following the walking route path, we came out on the cliffs at Dunwich then arrived back at the car park.


Greyfriars Entrance Gate

Greyfriars Entrance Gate


Greyfriars Ruins at Dunwich

Greyfriars Ruins at Dunwich


Greyfriars, Dunwich

Greyfriars, Dunwich


Greyfriars Ruins at Dunwich

Greyfriars Ruins at Dunwich

All in all, a really great afternoon out!

Dunwich –> Wikipedia entry (more info)


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I won a competition!

Whooo hooooo – I won a competition.  Thank you so much Crafts Beautiful for giving me the chance to win this great prize.   This prize looks really great and will be used to decorate when we celebrate jubilee – perhaps at the Children’s centre where I work.

Follow Crafts Beautiful twitter:!/craftsbeautiful

Website:  Crafts Beautiful!/craftsbeautiful/status/195816034287099904/photo/1


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Well, after having cost us so much (not only in money), but in anguish and concern for her, our cat Treacle seems quite happy and content in herself now. 

The vet (lovely lady called maddi) at the Pakefield Vet centre, says we should really just concentrate on making her feel happy and comfortable.  She certainly looks comfy here – where she can sit and keep an eye on what I am doing!



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Crocheted UK Flag

Well, I am still not sure why, but for some unknown reason, I said I would crochet a UK Flag which could be put up on the railings where I work. 

This first picture shows the chaos of threads after the first line …..

Crochet UK Flat 1

Crochet UK Flag


At my Thursday afternoon crochet group, the crochet UK flag was brought out, not really much achieved but you can see the colours coming together nicely.

Crochet UK Flag 2

Crochet UK Flag

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CAL #1c – Crochet Runner, Complete

I finished the vintage 1935 crochet table runner as found on Ravelry:

I have not yet blocked it, but you can see its going to be just great! ….  I love this runner – don’t you?


Lacet Table Runner

Lacet Table Runner


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