Why Spam?

/Gets on soap box and starts rant

Why do spammers spam? 

Every single day I go through the comments waiting to be added to this blog site, and end up deleting all of them – why?  Because I am not sure which ones are real and which ones are not.

So please, just quit posting your spammy links / comments so I can start adding the real ones … you are just tiresome!

/gets off soap box to delete the next batch of “comments”



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Yarn bombing

Here are some pictures that were taken at the centre where I work – some yarn bombing was allowed …. small steps first heh!

Wool can be an inexpensive but interesting way of brightening up a venue, putting a smile on peoples faces.  Call it yarn bombing, yarn storming or graffitti yarning – its bright, its colourful and makes a lot of people happy.


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Cherries in the Garden – part 2

Cherries in the Garden – see my previous post (last year)  <<Link here >>

Last year we purchased what looked like a twig from Aldi (see above link) it said on the packaging that it was a cherry tree  … I took a picture of it again last week.  I wonder if we will get any cherries from our cherry tree this year – those buds look quite promising!

Cherry Tree - 2nd year

Garden Cherry Tree - Spring 2012

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CAL #1b – Runner Crochet Along

Would you believe it?  Already a blog update to my first crochet CAL project – the vintage 1935 table runner.

Here is a picture of the project so far – this is my second attempt at this pattern.  The cotton I purchased is a Wendy dk cotton from QD (£3.99 a ball).  I had initially used a size 4 mm crochet hook but when I got to row 4 and realised just how the pattern worked, I decided I would prefer to have the stitches tighter and that I would like the runner itself to be longer – so I then frogged the work and started again.

For those of you who also would like to add length to this crochet table runner, you must add multiples of 11 chain to your foundation row.

I am really enjoying working with this cotton ….. I wonder how the others are doing on this Crochet Along.

Table Runner

Table Runner




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CAL #1a – Runner Crochet Along

How excited am I?

In a word:  Very

A wee group of us are all crocheting the same pattern Lacet table runner

Its my very first Crochet Along!  In the group yesterday, another member and myself tried to crochet a daffodil pattern from a book – major disaster really as neither of us, even working together, could understand the pattern.  But despite that failure, it was good working with somebody else on the same project.  So I came up with the idea of doing this CAL as it (I thought) might be something a few of us might enjoy doing, 

A lovely vintage 1935 table runner.

My First CAL Project
1935 Vintage Table Runner


Only last weekend I sorted out my HUGE stash of wool and asked Dave to stop me buying any more wool until a lot of my stash had been used.  Ooops … I need cotton for my table runner and that is something I don’t have a lot of in my stash …

Shall we go shopping today dear?


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Small crochet flowers on a vine

How exciting is this … approved yarn bombing!

I have made lots of small flowers (mostly 5 petals).  The small flowers are very quick to make up in the different bright colours.  I have just started to crochet a green vine and will be adding the flowers to the vine.  These should look really colourful when complete …

I will be placing these colourful, creeping vines on the dull railings at work (together with some crochet bunting) on March 1st …. (Book day). Look out for the pictures of the finished vines!

Small Crochet Flowers

What to do with all these flowers

I will also be making a large spider web and spider – Book day related post to be made later this week.


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February Amigurumi

I’ve been having fun making some cute amigurumi creatures too.

For no reason whatsoever, I decided that I wanted to create a peach panda.  No rhyme or reason for a peach panda, other than I wanted to use a bright, bright colour and cheer myself up whilst crocheting! 

Peach amigurumi panda

Peach amigurumi panda


For much the same reason, I created this lovely multi-coloured elephant (pattern by Irene Strange) which uses a combination of a granny square technique and sc (as used in amigurumi).  I don’t really think anyone needs a reason to crochet animals like this 🙂

Croc het Elephant

Bright and colourful crochet elephant


Do others who make these animals also become attached to them once they are finished?  I think they seem to get their character when it comes to finishing them up and sewing in those last ends. 

No – just me then!


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Baby Blanket

It is really great to be able to make a baby blanket – here a hand crafted blanket that I made for a colleague who did not know what sex the baby was to be (so no blues or pinks were used).  We are still waiting to find out what the baby will be!

This was an interesting pattern to use and I think the pattern itself would be more pronounced had I used darker colours instead of all really pale colours.  Fun to make nonetheless.

Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet Baby Blanket




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Andy Pad / Tablet Covers finished

Just where has time gone to this year?  In a blink of a whisker, it appears we are heading towards the end of February and I don’t seem to have made any blog entries!

I did finish crocheting the tablet cover for my Andy Pad, and actually lined it too!  Not only that, with the same really lovely homespun wool left over, I made a matching case for my HTC Desire mobile phone.

As always, click on the picture below to see a larger image.


Crochet tablet cover

Crochet: Tablet Cover

Crochet Tablet Cover


Crochet: Phone Cover

Crochet: Phone Cover

I made another tablet cover from a small skein of wool.  I love this wool.  Its so uneven and contains so many colours, pinks, purples a black and many more in between.  These tablet covers a a joy to make and we are so pleased with the finished results.  A good reason to start crocheting if ever there was one!

Crochet tablet cover

Crochet tablet cover

How fabulous would it be to receive such a gift for a mobile phone or tablet?  Ideal for any occasion, birthday, Christmas or even a nice “thank you” present.



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Crochet Tablet Cover

One of the many gifts I received for Christmas was an Andy Pad – an Android tablet.  I am really happy with this especially as I have found out how easy it is to tether it to my phone and have easy to use internet wherever I am. However, one thing I needed was a crochet tablet cover for it – to protect it whilst carrying it.

A few months ago I purchased some homespun yarn from Kerry at Dye Spin Knit … the photo below does not do the colours of the yarn justice to the lush raspberry colour it contains.  I had been keeping this yarn for something special .. and finally I have the perfect use for it, a cover for my android tablet! Click on the picture to see the design and colours in more detail.

A search on Ravelry revealed the pattern [here].  I wanted a pattern that would show the colours of the yarn off nicely, have a slight pattern to it and did not want the pattern too lacy as it is to protect the tablet.  I will make some slight changes to the pattern but will clarify those changes in the next update about the cover.

To be continued!

WIP - Tablet Cover

Tablet cover in process …





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