I won a competition !!!!

Yay … I entered a competition I really had wanted to win (part of the 31 days of giveaway) – 2 leaflets with crochet patterns, one of which is for beading with crochet.  I love beads.  I love crochet.  Fantastic to have some patterns which combine those 2 crafts.

Its all down to http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/ – check out this blog!

My Prizes:

I won these crochet booklets

crochet booklets

Thank you Kathryn – I am so looking forward to receiving my prizes!




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Crocheted Daisy Flowers

Well, I think its time to move on from crocheting Christmas related items – I have a good few projects ready for Christmas next year which include making loads of small paper clip (ice skate) stockings, bunting made from crochet snow flakes, etc. etc.

I have decided that my new project will be to crochet daisy flowers for a project involving some railings where I work. Not quite yarn bombing, as its almost been OK’d for me to brighten up the railings … but hey ho, I am sure I will enjoy the whole process (and hopefully getting others involved too!)

All good stuff and quite exciting too ….



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Christmas Crochet

Well I have started to crochet Christmas things ….. this year, we will not only enjoy Christmas but intend to make up for missing Christmas last year (due to a bug we were to ill to leave the home or indeed watch any TV).

So, making up and starting to get into the Christmassy feel of things (I even saw the Coca Cola Christmas advert on the TV today for the first time this year) I have started to make a few things.

One thing I did discover today is that spray starch and acrylic wool, do not work together!  A poinsettia brooch I made is now a table doily – it stretched instead of starched 😀

I hope you enjoy the pictures below as much as I enjoyed making them.  I think I will be making quite a few of those poinsettia brooches in the near future though!

Click on the images below for a larger picture.



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Crocheted hats

I think my family are starting realise that just having one project on the go is just not me.  I always seem to have at least 3 or 4 projects on the go at one time!  Still, it means I am never bored just doing the same thing.

I had never worn a hat with flaps but decided to crochet one anyway.  The hat in the first picture really surprised me, its so comfy and warm and because of the ear flaps (I think), will be really good at keeping your head warm.  Its made from brown and orange wools (together) and although its not really clear to see on the picture, the flowers crocheted for the hat really do enhance it.

The second hat is a simple crocheted hat – but uses a really nice thick wool.  Its soft and the colours are really good together.

The final picture (3rd) shows my favourite crocheted sets so far.  The wool used is just so jummylicious and lovely to work with, I will be buying more of it without a doubt!  The warm and never ending change of colours is just great and the wool itself is so soft.  This hat, neck warmer and fingerless glove set is just gorgeous!

Click on the pictures for a larger image.


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Teddy Bears

It was Children in Need yesterday and I had made some mini teddy bears to be used as table decorations.  One small child asked his mum if it would be possible to buy one of my small bears (instead of the manufactured ones available). 

All my bears went to new homes (one to a colleague) and all monies went to Children in Need. 

I am going to make more of these, but use different colours, what do you think?


mini teddy bears

The teddy bear picnic table decoration

Pattern for bears (so you can make them yourself too) can be found here (click this)

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Using Yarn


Using wool for crafts is becoming increasingly popular and not just for knitting or crocheting hats.  There are incredible people who are are able to spin and dye their own wool who are now able to communicate with each other and us, those who use their lovely wools.  I purchased my first skein of homespun wool but have not yet decided what to make … I will probably keep it until I have a few days off and can chillax in front of the tellybox and watch those series I have recorded on the Sky box!

I really would like to get together with some other local people and create something for fun, something that would bring a smile to passers by.


Yarn Storming/Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is happening all over the world.  The Macmillan Dictionary confirms that yarn bombing (or storming) is global.  I have been in communication with many people from Australia who are really involved in exhibits on a major scale.

This might explain the increasing desire of councils and art institutions to commission yarn bombers to create official works of art. In August, Belfast was comprehensively yarn bombed at the instigation of Craft Northern Ireland, a government-backed organisation supporting the craft industry.’

The Guardian 10th October 2010

Should I describe myself as a “Fibre Artist”?  Perhaps yes.  At this time I am just doing spider webs, and the second one I placed (pic below) has some added colours.  If it makes somebody smile or makes one person’s day brighter, then its “mission accomplished”.  I do intend to do more yarn storming, so lookout for brightly coloured yarn near you.


Web yarn bomb

web yarn bomb

The tall tower in the picture below is the wind turbine (Britain’s most easterly) – its quite close to where I placed the yarn bomb so it could not be included totally (this is just around the corner from where I placed my original yarn bomb). 

Web yarn bomb

A Lowestoft spider web yarn bomb



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Crochet works finished


I made a poppy for myself to wear, as I continually keep losing the ones I buy.  So I decided to make a poppy for myself – I had not realised these would be so popular and be liked by so many people.  They really are easy to make, all you need is some red wool, some green wool, a button and a brooch back.


Crochet Poppies

Pattern (roughly):

Crochet hook 4mm

Create a magic circle (the neatest way of creating a circle) – leave a longish end (to sew in the button and brooch back)
Chain 3, then 8x dc (double crochet) – join with a slip stitch

Petal 1
Chain 3, 1x dc in same stitch, then 2x dc in each of next 3 stitches (8 total), then 1x chain.  Turn.
2x single crochet in each stitch (16 sc) – Fasten off

Petal 2 (and 3)
2x dc in the last place where you made 2x dc (that stitch would have 4x dc in total now)
then 2x dc in each of next 3 stitches (8 total), then 1x chain.  Turn.
2x single crochet in each stitch (16 sc) – Fasten off

Each petal:  Take the wool at the end of each petal and use it pull the leaf into a slight curve and fasten it to the top of the first round of dc stitches (you should see all 3 petals curving now).

Make a leaf using green wool, just start with say 10 ch, and go around those stitches using
sc – hdc – dc – dc +1ch = tr = dc + 1ch – dc – hdc – sc (in an amounts you like, none of my leaves are exactly the same as each other).  Then sew this leaf at the back of your petals using one of the ends that remain.

Tidy up the remaining loose ends, except for the one in the centre (your starting point) then use that to sew in your centre button and brooch.

Voila – you have created your own poppy!



Cute Animals

These little things are so colourful.  The penguin, who is really cute in real life, is spoken for and will be a Christmas present – I’m not sure who is going to receive the little lion-like creature yet.

Amigurumi animals

Cute amigurumi animals


Halloween 2011

Well, Halloween has been and gone and hopefully a good time was had by all.

I made some amigurumi for Halloween, they are not particularly scary, but were fun to make Two types of pumpkin, a (not very) scary ghost and a one eyed monster (in typical Halloween colours).  

Halloween amigurumi

Crocheted amigurumi for Halloween

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Lowestoft – Ness Point Revisited – Yarn Bombing

Yay …  this is my first yarn bombing expedition AND … it has a claim to fame, its the most easterly place in Britain to receive such decoration.  You cannot get any further east than Ness Point at Lowestoft in the UK. 

Because of the date (30th October), I thought my first expedition into placing yarn art should be Halloween related and created a spider web in the brightest orange you can imagine.  I love it!  Then, I decided to make a spider and give it a home.

Happy Halloween ….

First yarn bomb

 (click on images for a larger picture)


Britain’s most easterly spider?


Britains most eastery point!

Halloween arrives in Lowestoft First!

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Lowestoft – Ness Point

Good evening.

Some of you might have watched a programme that is now being shown on TV as I type – Top Gear.  In which case you might remember that Jeremy Clarkson drove to the most easterly point in the UK, Ness Point in Lowestoft which he reached just as the sun was rising.

Jeremy’s car somehow was able to drive onto the circle shown in these pics – in reality, THAT is not possible ….

You might recognise the pictures shown in this entry as being taken from Lowestoft’s (and Britain’s most easterly point) – click on the pictures to see a bigger photo!

Ness Point Circle

Lowestoft's Claim to Fame

….. then you can play spot the difference in the next post I make!

These pictures were taken minutes before it became dark …..

Ness Point Centre

Britain's most easterly point - Lowestoft


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Live in Lowestoft? Up for a yarn group?

Dear knitter, crocheter, yarn spinner, crafter, etc.

I recently re-discovered that I can crochet – something I had forgotten about for 30 yrs!

Are there any knitting / crochet groups in Lowestoft?  If not, would you be interested in joining one …. perhaps meeting up every couple of weeks or so.

If one does not exist could we start one?   We could even create our own blog about it …  Would you also be up for yarn bombing?  Don’t know what that is or want to find out more?

Please contact me and let me your thoughts and views 🙂




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