CAL #1b – Runner Crochet Along

Would you believe it?  Already a blog update to my first crochet CAL project – the vintage 1935 table runner.

Here is a picture of the project so far – this is my second attempt at this pattern.  The cotton I purchased is a Wendy dk cotton from QD (£3.99 a ball).  I had initially used a size 4 mm crochet hook but when I got to row 4 and realised just how the pattern worked, I decided I would prefer to have the stitches tighter and that I would like the runner itself to be longer – so I then frogged the work and started again.

For those of you who also would like to add length to this crochet table runner, you must add multiples of 11 chain to your foundation row.

I am really enjoying working with this cotton ….. I wonder how the others are doing on this Crochet Along.

Table Runner

Table Runner




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