Crochet Tablet Cover

One of the many gifts I received for Christmas was an Andy Pad – an Android tablet.  I am really happy with this especially as I have found out how easy it is to tether it to my phone and have easy to use internet wherever I am. However, one thing I needed was a crochet tablet cover for it – to protect it whilst carrying it.

A few months ago I purchased some homespun yarn from Kerry at Dye Spin Knit … the photo below does not do the colours of the yarn justice to the lush raspberry colour it contains.  I had been keeping this yarn for something special .. and finally I have the perfect use for it, a cover for my android tablet! Click on the picture to see the design and colours in more detail.

A search on Ravelry revealed the pattern [here].  I wanted a pattern that would show the colours of the yarn off nicely, have a slight pattern to it and did not want the pattern too lacy as it is to protect the tablet.  I will make some slight changes to the pattern but will clarify those changes in the next update about the cover.

To be continued!

WIP - Tablet Cover

Tablet cover in process …





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