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Using wool for crafts is becoming increasingly popular and not just for knitting or crocheting hats.  There are incredible people who are are able to spin and dye their own wool who are now able to communicate with each other and us, those who use their lovely wools.  I purchased my first skein of homespun wool but have not yet decided what to make … I will probably keep it until I have a few days off and can chillax in front of the tellybox and watch those series I have recorded on the Sky box!

I really would like to get together with some other local people and create something for fun, something that would bring a smile to passers by.


Yarn Storming/Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is happening all over the world.  The Macmillan Dictionary confirms that yarn bombing (or storming) is global.  I have been in communication with many people from Australia who are really involved in exhibits on a major scale.

This might explain the increasing desire of councils and art institutions to commission yarn bombers to create official works of art. In August, Belfast was comprehensively yarn bombed at the instigation of Craft Northern Ireland, a government-backed organisation supporting the craft industry.’

The Guardian 10th October 2010

Should I describe myself as a “Fibre Artist”?  Perhaps yes.  At this time I am just doing spider webs, and the second one I placed (pic below) has some added colours.  If it makes somebody smile or makes one person’s day brighter, then its “mission accomplished”.  I do intend to do more yarn storming, so lookout for brightly coloured yarn near you.


Web yarn bomb

web yarn bomb

The tall tower in the picture below is the wind turbine (Britain’s most easterly) – its quite close to where I placed the yarn bomb so it could not be included totally (this is just around the corner from where I placed my original yarn bomb). 

Web yarn bomb

A Lowestoft spider web yarn bomb



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