WIP Easter Sunday

What craft activities have you been doing this weekend?  My WIP (work in progress) is shown in the photograph below.  I have finished another scarf today too – one made from Park Avenue type of wool – extremely odd to work with – but I will post photos  of that tomorrow (when the light is better).

Meantime, this photo shows my current WIP.  Another odd type of new “wool” just out.  My local craft shop (Craftmania) posted they had this in store so I went the very next day and bought some. 

This wool is a mix of chiffon and lace.  You have to knit into each second hole … each row only has 5 stitches.  I am not yet convinced this will become long enough to be scarf.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, what do you think of this?  There are several projects (bag making?) that I think I could use this “wool” for – but as it costs £10.99 a ball, I would have to consider carefully before purchasing.  A lot will depend on how far this one “ball” goes.


Scard WIP

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