Yarn bombing

Has anyone heard yarn bombing or yarn storming in the UK? If so, where are the links, the pages, the photographs, etc. etc. etc.

Has anyone thought about doing this? Yarn bombing is basically going outside and decorating or covering something in crochet (or knitted) work. This is best done with lovely bright colours and is meant really, just to make people smile I reckon. In some places its illegal I guess, but ………

Wikipedia definition: While yarn installations – called yarn bombs or yarnstorms – may last for years, they are considered non-permanent, and, unlike graffiti, can be easily removed if necessary. Nonetheless, the practice is still technically illegal, though it is not often prosecuted vigorously

I follow this blog and its facebook page: Twilight Taggers – Yarn bombing in Australia – she sure does it with style and panache.

It really is a great site to follow as just about every day there is something else posted – I really don’t know where the time is found to do all that crocheting! Its great stuff though.

Meanwhile here are some more amigurumi creations I have done. I may yet get round to considering yarn bombing one day 🙂

Amigurumi collection

A great mix of amigurumi creations

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